PiKU – motion se hi emotion

I am very picky about what movies to watch in the theatre. Not all of them qualify to be watched in a cinema hall. I think people confer an honour on a movie when they go all the way to a theatre to watch it rather than download it from the internet and watch it on their laptops.

With uplifting music that makes you want to go on a wind-in-my-hair road trip and you throw together some of the best actors of Bollywood –  Irfan Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone (her being the newest addition to this elite club), I knew I absolutely had to watch this movie in the theatre.

Who knew that the events of everyday life set against the background of constipation would turn into a giggly-delight rather than disgusting? Every mention of motions and all its forms and appearances in Piku will have you in fits of laughter! Right from the first scene of the movie, you will relate to it because it has the same simple elements as our lives without the glitzy, material and commercial formula of other movies where everything seems surreal. You will also relate to it because Piku is the perfect representation of the saying, “No family is perfect.”

Bhaskor Bannerjee’s (Amitabh Bachchan) obsession with his chronic constipation borders on the hypochondria and is a fresh kind of humour dose. His views on feminism and marriage have an entirely different perspective which makes you stop and think. It is quite surprising for a man who hails from an era where women were subjugated. That is the reason why you will still love this difficult character. The greatest feat of Amitabh in this movie is that you see no trace of Amitabh Bachchan in Bhaskor Bannerjee.

Irfan is an actor par excellence, there are no doubts about that. He has some great lines and his deadpan delivery of them makes them all the more funny. His character gels with Bhaskor and Piku extremely well.

Deepika has been on a roll since Cocktail and she has made yet another excellent pick by playing Piku. Piku is the frustrated daughter who tolerates her father’s selfishness and whose life revolves around his constipation, which inevitably comes in the way of her having any sort of a love life. She is a smart professional and a control-freak. Most of all, she is a liberated woman, courtesy of her liberal father’s upbringing, and she is unabashed about her sex life existing purely on a need-basis. This is yet another bold theme in this movie. Deepika makes you proud yet again with her excellent portrayal of Piku and continues to hone her skills.

Notable in the movie is Maushumi Chatterjee’s performance as the typical maasi in every family. Her presence in the movie keeps the funny bone tickled. She is the only one who parrys with Bhaskor’s snide remarks successfully.

I rate this movie 4.5 out of 5 for it’s progressive thought, intuitive writing and authentic depiction of a typical Indian family. All in all, the wholesome feel of this Shoojit Sircar movie will warm the cockles of your heart and you will leave the theatre with a homely-smile on your face.


2 thoughts on “PiKU – motion se hi emotion

  1. Me says:

    did you watch movie just once? or saw it in parts to be able catch and remember the right moments to depict in your review? Good Review.. well done.


  2. Hi Me,

    I watched the movie only once. And I wrote the review as soon as I returned home so that my reactions and the story in the movie could be caught properly before they became dull in my memory. Thanks for reading it!


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