My two cents for my earth.

So Earth Day came and went and we didn’t celebrate it. I think it is good we didn’t really celebrate it, because, as our usual celebrations go, the waste from them would have gone against the very cause of the celebrations. But since it is an official “Day”, it has to be commemorated somehow, right? How would I do that?

Since I have been an advocate of doing our own bit to save our environment and to spread the awareness that climate change is real, I wondered –  am I doing enough? Immediately came the snide reply from the back of my head, “Of course not!” So, simply put, I am drawing up a list of the easy practices I could do, along with the ones I already follow, to go green in my daily life. Perhaps you could make your own list and by incorporating such small changes in our lives, we can actively take care of our environment.

1) I will plant a tree on my birthday. It is so simple and I love this idea. To picture the years of my happy life in the growing of a tree gives me a sense of calm happiness. I am also going to gift potted plants to those friends who I trust will be able to take care of them.

2) I will use old newspapers to wrap my gifts rather than store-bought gift-wrapping paper. Although I am guilty of loving the happy colours of wrapping papers, I can make do with newspapers. In the end, it is going to be torn and thrown unceremoniously anyway.

3) I will switch to castile soap. Castile soap is a magic cleanser which is made purely from vegetable oils, so it degrades like any natural substance without affecting the environment. And the crazy part is, it can be used to wash everything from your body, clothes and dishes to your pets! Why aren’t all of us using it already??! So yeah, I am going to buy it in bulk and start using it, pronto.

4) I will always carry a cloth bag with me. I say no to plastic bags anyhow but sometimes, when I need to pop into the supermarket on the way back home from work, to buy stuff I need urgently, I am stuck with no bags to carry it. So then I am forced to buy a plastic bag. It guilts me every time. So it is better to have a reusable cloth bag folded up in all my handbags.

5) Store-bought facial scrubs have plastic microbeads that escape the capture by sewage treatment plants and end up in our lakes and oceans, polluting them horribly. Instead, I am switching to using coarse gram flour, mixed with milk and turmeric, as a scrub, which had been an age-old practice among my ancestors and parents, until the new-fangled detergent soaps came along.

So folks, I am not going to holler myself hoarse lecturing you with tips on how you can go green everyday. Change begins at home and I am going to change first. Let us all make our own lists and do as many things as we can and make every day Earth day.

Do you have more ideas which I can follow everyday to reduce, reuse and recycle? Please share with me!


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