The earth says hello!

A shy hello to everyone. I am finally writing a blog that is long overdue. When I first signed up to start my blog, WordPress recommended that I should tell you why I am starting this blog. Well, I am taking the advice.

I am writing this article, my first ever blog, to overcome a fear; an explicable fear I have had all this time about writing blogs. I have been writing since I was fourteen. Yet I could never pluck up the courage to start a blog. I cannot even put my finger on exactly why I have always feared writing a blog. I think the best explanation I have is that I feared a rejection; a rejection from my readers. I feared I would let my readers down by not writing well, but mostly I feared I would let myself down. What if I was a failure at this? What if my articles did not really click with my readers? What would I do if I came face to face with the fact that I cannot really write well at all, the one thing I think I am good at?

Then I realized I was being silly. Of course I should write! Because this is what I love! Words are what I am about! I realized that it is okay to fail at something, but I have to give it a try.

So here I am, with all the moxie I have, writing a confession to you and writing a blog.

As my blog name suggests, I shall be bantering and rambling about a lot of different things. I have not really decided on a specific subject theme for my following articles, but that’s all right. I do not want to be tied down with one genre when there are a myriad things to talk about, wouldn’t you say?

I hope you have enjoyed this little article I have put together. Please feel free to leave your comments because I am new to this. Your opinions would really help.

Until my next banter then, folks!


5 thoughts on “The earth says hello!

  1. I love how you started with a shy hello to the world out there. To me, that’s a very familiar feeling for the numerous times I’ve tried to get myself to finally start blogging(still haven’t yet).
    I really hope you write more and also write more often.



  2. Anonymous says:

    She calls herself a “moxie”!
    She describes her salutation as “shy”
    She fears rejection as “whatif”

    Yet she limns a beautiful blog of animated expressions, now the reader is puzzled to establish this feeling as “unnatural”

    Here I hardly know the blogger and only through her words and blithe writing she has captivated a passerby to halt and drop a comment.If you call this shy, apprehension, tenderfoot, maiden attempt then I wonder what few months , weeks or even days of blogging will catapult this delightful & engaging wordsmith into. Good stuff & all the best.


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